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Why Use A Coil Binding Machine?

Why Use A Coil Binding Machine?
Update Time:2018-02-26

Why Use A Coil Binding Machine?

Coil binding machines use spring-like coils, often referred to as spirals, to bind sheets of paper together. The end result looks very similar to the old spiral notebooks you used to use in school. The biggest difference between coil binding and the old spiral notebooks is the binding element itself. Coil binding elements are now made from PVC plastic rather than metal. 

PVC plastic coils are highly durable and do not bend or stretch with use. These coils are also available in a wide selection of colors, lengths and diameters. Coil binding supplies are available in two different formats, depending on the machine being used. These formats are 4:1 pitch and 5:1 pitch. The 4:1 pitch (hole pattern) is designed for machines that punch four holes per inch. The 5:1 pitch (hole pattern) is designed for machines that punch five holes per inch. 

Once a coil binding machine has been purchased, the user will have to be sure and purchase the right "pitch" supplies for the machine. Be aware that 4:1 and 5:1 pitch supplies are not interchangeable between machines. A 4:1 pitch coil binder has to use 4:1 pitch supplies and vice versa. A 4:1 pitch element can bind more paper than a 5:1 pitch element due to the holes being spaced farther apart. 

Coil / spiral binding is growing in popularity. A big part of this is because coil binding is so easy. Once the holes are punched, the binding element is literally spun through the holes. Coil bound pages, unlike many other binding formats, allow the pages to wrap around for easy access and reading.

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