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How Do I Bind with the supu Coil Binding Machine?

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How Do I Bind with the supu Coil Binding Machine?

Update Time:2018-02-06

How Do I Bind with the supu Coil Binding Machine?

The supu coil binding machine is a heavy-duty coil binder that offers electric punching and coil inserting capabilities for increased productivity in high-volume binding environments. With its fully-disengageable punching dies and open throat design, the supu coil binding machine can easily accommodate a wide range of sheet sizes, making it as versatile as it is durable. In addition to its sturdy, die-cast metal construction and robust, 25-page punching capacity, this model also features a unique enclosed lubrication system, which keeps the punch running smoothly without exposing your documents to any lubricants. Below is a step-by-step guide to binding books with the supu coil binder:

1.If this is the first time that your ETitanCoil will be used, you will need to assemble it prior to binding. Insert the foot pedal plug into the jack located on the back of the machine (below the power switch). Connect the power cord to the right side of the machine, then plug the other end of the cord into a power outlet.

2.Turn the power switch (located on the back of the machine) to the on position.

3.Prepare the machine for punching by setting the switch located on the top right corner of the machine to the "Punch" position.

4.Determine the required coil binding spine size by using the built-in size selector. Place your complete, unbound document onto the machine base, then push the size selector down until the bottom tab rests against the top sheet of your book. The top of the size selector will indicate the recommended coil size based on the thickness of your document.

5.Adjust the punching margin by using the sliding control knob located on the left side of the machine (immediately above the side margin control). As a general guideline, the thicker the book, the larger the punching margin.

6.Set the side margin so that the holes will be centered on your sheet. To position the side margin, loosen the screw on the side margin guide, slide it into the desired place, then tighten the screw to prevent it from moving.

7.Disengage dies as necessary to prevent any partially-punched holes from appearing along the ends of your document. To disengage a die, pull the corresponding silver arm straight out from the machine until it stops. To resume punching with a previously-disengaged die, push the arm back into the machine.

8.Insert up to 25 sheets (based on 20 lb. paper) into the punching throat. Be sure to align your pages against the side margin guide and the back of the punch, as this will help to prevent misaligned holes.

9.Press the foot pedal to punch the inserted pages. Release the foot pedal and slide your punched sheets out of the punch.

10.Repeat steps 8 - 9 until all of the pages of your document have been punched.

11.Prepare the machine for binding by setting the switch located on the top right corner of the machine to "Bind."

12.Arrange the pages of your book so that they are in order, then jog the book by lightly tapping it against a flat surface to align all of the pages. 

13.Manually insert the plastic binding coil into the first 4 - 5 holes of the book.

14.Press the foot pedal to activate the roller motor. Position the book so that the coil is to the right and the holes are to the left. Lightly press the coil against the roller to begin advancing it through the holes. To make the coil inserting process even faster, you can move the book to the right while the coil is spinning. Note: The electric coil inserter can only be used with coils up to 7/8" in diameter. Larger coils can be used to bind your books, however they will need to be inserted manually.

15.As soon as the coil passes through the last hole, release the foot pedal and/or move the coil away from the roller to prevent it from advancing too far. If your coil does feed beyond the end of your book, you can flip it over and use the electric coil inserter to feed it back to the desired position.

16.Use a coil crimping tool to trim away the excess coil and crimp both ends of the coil. This will prevent the coil from twisting out of your finished book.

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