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Automate Your Wire Binding Process

Automate Your Wire Binding Process
Update Time:2018-03-28

 Automate Your Wire Binding Process

Wire binding has become the preferred binding method for individuals and organizations who deal with sensitive documents - both because it is tamper-resistant and because it is incredibly durable. While there are a number of quality electric punches designed for wire binding, wire closing has traditionally been an entirely manual process.  In this post, we take a closer look at the new  automatic wire closer and learn more about its unique features

The Basics

Binding wires (also called "twin-loop wires" or "duo-wires") are made of metal and are sold in 2:1 and 3:1 pitches.  Generally, the 3:1 pitch binding wires are only available in sizes smaller than 1/2" and 2:1 pitch wires are offered in sizes between 9/16" and 1-1/4", though some of the smaller sizes are offered in 2:1 pitch as specialty items.  Regardless of the pitch pattern used, a wire closer is required in order to close the open wire spine and secure the documents in place.

Nearly all of the wire closers available in the marketplace today are manual, which means that they require the user to make adjusts based on the size of the wire that is being closed and pull a handle to engage the closing channel.  Though this method works well for closing wires, it can be fairly time consuming (especially for high-volume production environments).   not only closes wires electrically with the simple push of a button, but also automatically senses the size of the wire being used and adjusts to ensure a perfect close every time.

Benefits of the FlexiCloser

Since the  is electric, it helps to reduce operator fatigue and increases production output.  Furthermore, the automatic sensing feature helps to reduce the number of improperly-closed wires, which helps to reduce unnecessary waste.  In addition to the precision offered by the automatic sensing feature, the can also be fine-tuned using the "Micro-Adjust" capabilities for a professional finish. 

The FlexiCloser offers a wide array of other convenient features, such as a magnetic back to hold the wire spine in place, an easy-to-read LCD control panel, a built-in safety sensor for worry-free closing, and an optional mount that allows the closer to be affixed to the top of the FlexiPunch binding machine.  This unit is specifically designed for heavy-duty, high-volume usage, and has a full one-year warranty.

In Review

When it comes to durability and security in bound documents, wire binding is one of the best options.  The process of manually closing the wires, however, has made many high-output organizations look to less time-consuming binding methods.  The  electrically senses and closes wires with ease, increasing production output and accuracy. 

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