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which the Different Types Of Wire Binders

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which the Different Types Of Wire Binders

Update Time:2018-04-19

which the Different Types Of Wire Binders


Wire binding machines are available in all shapes and sizes, depending on the job being done and your preference. The first few things to keep in mind when looking for a binding machine is the hole format (pitch) and punching capacity. Remember, once you pick a hole pattern, you are stuck with it. Make sure you choose correctly. If you are in doubt on the hole format to choose, there are wire binding machines from Akiles that include both 2:1 and 3:1 punching dies. 

The punching capacity is also very important. Some machines feature a manual punch and others an electric punch. As to be expected, manual punch machines require more physical effort to bind. Most binding machines, however, have been calibrated to require little effort to punch the paper, but manual punches can still wear one out if the job is large. If binding is to be done on a daily basis, with dozens to hundreds of books being created at a time, it is recommended to go with an electric punch. 

The second set of features to keep an eye open for are an adjustable margin depth, vertical / horizontal load and disengaging punching dies. 

The margin depth is how far into the paper the paper is punched. For thicker books, it is recommended to punch a little farther into the paper to prevent pages from accidentally being ripped out. Not all binding machines have an adjustable margin depth. For some people, this will not matter. 

Vertical versus horizontal load is the way the paper is punched. A vertical load machine has the paper standing up and down when being punched. Many people like this ability because gravity ensures the paper is squared up evenly every time the paper is punched. A horizontal load is the most common way machines punch paper, which is with the paper laying flat. 

Disengaging / selective punching dies are very nice if you will not be punching 8 ½ x 11-inch paper every time. When punching slightly smaller or slightly larger paper, sometimes a hole will end up on the edge of the paper, creating a half hole. This problem can be very annoying and looks bad. Selective punching dies allow the operator to disable the problematic die.

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