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How to get started for Comb Binding Tips

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How to get started for Comb Binding Tips

Update Time:2018-04-21

How to get started for Comb Binding Tips

First off make sure you are comfortable when binding this is especially helpful when binding for prolonged periods. The height of the desk you are using is very important, If it is too low you will hurt your back leaning over and if it is too high you will have difficulty operating the machine.

Before you start comb binding it is a good idea to make sure the margins are all lined up correctly. Do this by punching a scrap piece of paper and then check the holes are evenly spaced from the edges. You can then adjust the margin lever or paper guide if required.

1. Prolong the life of your Comb Binding Machine

To prolong the life of your comb machine it’s recommended that you don’t punch the maximum amount of sheets in each pass as this puts extra strain on the mechanism and over time dulls the dies. Also, note that the maximum sheets for each machine are based on 80 gsm uncoated paper so for thicker or coated paper you should reduce the number of sheets accordingly. Due to their thickness and the material we also advise only punching two acetate clear covers at a time.

2. Try not to damage your Comb Binding Machine

It is easily forgotten about but a common cause of machine breakdown is a jam as a result of punching with the waste paper tray full. The tray should be emptied regularly as jams become more likely and the dies can be damaged or blunted over time if punching with a full tray. This is even worst on electric machines as you can’t feel the resistance that you would on a manual machine.

3. Don’t try to bind your whole document in one go…

Finally, when putting your document onto the comb it’s tempting to try and put the whole document on the comb in one go but this can be difficult, especially for large documents. Sometimes it is easier to split the document into halves or quarters and put groups of pages on the comb separately. Also, ensure you place the pages face down onto the comb as this reduces the chance the document will come apart in use.

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