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What should I know about synthetic paper?

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What should I know about synthetic paper?

Update Time:2018-05-22

What should I know about synthetic paper?

If you want to make your documents last longer without laminating them, you should consider using synthetic paper. This unique paper is extremely durable and it can make your documents look great. Here’s a quick guide to using synthetic paper: 

     Synthetic paper is perfect for photocopiers and laser printers. You should fan the paper before putting it in the machine. This paper won’t work with ink-jet printers, so make sure you have the right equipment.

    You need to print on this paper before you try to cut it with a rotary trimmer or guillotine cutter. Since synthetic paper is made out of polyester, you should only cut a couple of sheets at a time. This will help keep the blade sharp.

     You should handle this kind of paper by the edges whenever possible. This will prevent the paper from being marred by scratches and fingerprints.

      Synthetic paper should be stored in its original packaging when you’re not using it.

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