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Are there binding workstations or tables I can use?

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Are there binding workstations or tables I can use?

Update Time:2018-05-25

Are there binding workstations or tables I can use?

If you’ve already purchased your binding machine or laminator, you’ve probably opened the box and faced a daunting question: Where to put your new machine? Making room for your new device on an existing surface might be difficult or even impossible depending on how crowded your office is and the size of the machine. In that case, you’ll need to order a new table or workstation for your new machine. Here are four you should consider….

1.The Binding System Workstation. This product is a good choice if you need a roomy surface on which to place your binding machine. It has a strong metal frame to withstand heavyBinding System Workstation use and there are two locking casters so you can move the table to anywhere you need it. This table has six drawers in which you can store your supplies as well as clear plastic compartments that are great for keeping smaller items handy. The surface has a white epoxy finish and the device as a whole has the following dimensions: 36″ (height) x 18″ (depth) x 30″ (width).

2.The Heavy-Duty Binding Utility Station. This station is heavy-duty and will provide you with years of use. It has a large 36-inch wide work surface and a lot of shelves for storage of all of your supplies. In fact, there are three shelves under the table and two above, so you’ll have a ton of room for your supplies. The legs all have casters at the ends of them and the legs are metal so they’ll easily support the weight of your binding system. You can also use this product with laminators, guillotine and rotary trimmers, and so on. Plus, you’ll be able to assemble it easily without tools

Just tell me what you want, a customized product is welcome!