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Who are the best plastic comb binding machine manufacturers?

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Who are the best plastic comb binding machine manufacturers?

Update Time:2018-06-12

Who are the best plastic comb binding machine manufacturers?

It can be challenging to select any new office device, but when it comes to comb binding machines, there are so many choices available, it’s almost overwhelming. One thing that can be helpful is knowing what some of the best manufacturers are. What follows is a short list of first-rate comb binding machine makers so you can know what brand names to look for while shopping.

1.) GBC. General Binding Corporation, also known as GBC, is definitely the most well-known company thanks to their longevity and their excellent products. GBC has been in business since the 1940′s and the name is more or less synonymous with comb binding. They have a terrific lineup of machines, such as the CombBind C450, and a lot of them are compatible with the company’s popular ZipBind spines. GBC makes products that are perfect for both large and small offices, and they also produce modular equipment, such as comb openers.

2.) Fellowes. This long-lived company has really made a name for itself due to their high-quality paper shredders, but they also make some very nice comb binding devices. A good entry-level unit is the Starlet, which can bind books containing up to 90 sheets. A more advanced model is the Galaxy E, an electric machine that has an astonishing binding capacity of 500 sheets. Whether you bind a little or a lot, there’s a Fellowes device you’ll probably love.

3.) Renz. Renz is a German company that makes some of the best machines money can buy. Their devices include the Combi Comfort, which has a hole punch operated by a foot pedal. The company’s entry-level device, the Combinette, has an incredible punching capacity of 5,000 sheets per hour. If you need to get the job done quickly, a Renz product would be a good choice.

4.) Akiles. Akiles has only been around since 1993, but they’ve already built up a great reputation thanks to their products such as the Offibind, a device that makes it easy for everyone to punch and bind their own documents. They even make the WireMac, a device that’s capable of working with both wire spines and combs. Akiles clearly manufacturers products that both the novice and experienced binder can use.

5.) Tamerica. Like GBC and Fellowes, Tamerica has been in the game for a pretty long time. The company launched in 1985 and makes some wonderful products, such as the 210PB which has 21 fully disengageable dies. Like GBC, Tamerica makes modular equipment including the 240HB comb opener. This company’s machines are great if you want advanced features such as adjustable depth of punch margin control.

6.) DFG. This relatively new company makes some reliable, heavy-duty devices that are great for high-volume applications. The E Titan has a wealth of advanced features including disengageable dies and it can bind books containing 500 sheets. The Titan is the manual counterpart of the E Titan with great features, including a terrific punching capacity of 28 sheets per lift.

7.) Prima PaperLock. If you like the look of plastic combs, but worry about their impact on the environment, a PaperLock machine will help you have a clear conscience. These devices utilize spines that look like plastic combs but they’re made from paper. The spines are 100% recyclable and easy to use, and they can bind 200-page documents. These products combine environmental awareness, ease of use, and a terrific binding capacity.

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