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How do I use my coil crimpers?

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How do I use my coil crimpers?
Update Time:2018-06-27

How do I use my coil crimpers?

Coil binding is a great way to bind your documents and make them look professional. Punching holes in your document and inserting the coils is easy. Some people do however have trouble with the final part of the process: crimping the coil. Crimping entails trimming the ends of the coil and turning the ends in so the coil won’t spin out of your book. Doing this can be tricky so here are a few tips that can make it easier: 

1.Your crimpers will have a dot on one side(often red). You need to make sure that the dot is always facing up. If you try using them and the dot is facing down, you’ll just end up cutting the coil and not crimping it.

2.Hold your book so that it’s parallel to the floor and ensure that the coil is facing you. Begin by crimping the right side of the coil as close to the edge of your document as possible. You should give the crimpers an additional squeeze to ensure that the coil is completely bent over.

3.Now you can flip the document over and crimp the other end of the coil. Flippping the book over is necessary because you need to make sure that the end of the coil is turned in, not out.

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