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The use of the manual creasing

The use of the manual creasing
Issue Time:2012-05-16

Comb binding machines are all binding machines, the cost of using the minimum of a simple, easy to disassemble and can be repeated binding; comb binding machine compare the binding of a small office or general meeting documents, and small text printed social. A binding machine has two binding comb binding machine
Method, which is also a major feature.
  Comb binding machine for loose-leaf type, page additions and deletions can be realized the size of the text 360-degree flip, Aprons diameter, determine the thickness of the text binding, this binding mode due to the apron size, color and cover color choices than large, so the different outcomes highly likely with a unique style, elegant appearance.
The plastic comb binding machine is a simple way to produce a small number of publications, reports, briefing materials and other forms of printed communication. The aircraft first punch rectangular holes through the edge of a file, and then through the hole elastic plastic comb binding documents. The unit will also punch holes cover transparent or colored plastic material. The comb is relatively cheap, and in various sizes to accommodate small and large files.
One option is to file the correct diameter to be bound comb. Placed comb binding machine comb opening mechanism. Make sure that the point facing outward and upward comb. manual creasing the comb gets underway to pull forward to open the comb.

 perforated handles placed in an upright and open position. Back in the set-top groove to insert a blank table and punch handle and pull it forward, and then return. Check the paper holes to ensure that the appropriate location. Adjust the margin guides, if necessary.

The rest of the insert and adjust your document page will be undercut and stamping. Red the number of sheets at the same time more, if your file contains multiple sets of pages until all pages of punch than recommended by the manufacturer.

Insert and adjust front and rear groove. If the cover is greater than the booklet for internal use of paper, adjust the margin guidance to ensure that the holes punched in the appropriate location. Punch handle and pull it forward and back again. Check the cover, to ensure the appropriate location of holes punched.

assembly, the front cover, the internal files and the back cover at the punch. Loaded into the document binding machine comb point. The comb opening lever back to close and release the comb. coil binding machine completion of the file from the binding machine.

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