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Small Manual Creasing machine(CP-46M2)

Small Manual Creasing machine(CP-46M2)

Small Manual Creasing machine(CP-46M2)
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Max perforating thickness0.35mm
Perforating width1.4mm
Perforating distance0.7mm
Thickness of sheets<=250g
Type of paper stopround slot
Update Time2020-10-02
Detail Information

18" Manual Perforating Machine CP-46M2

The manual creasing machine is suitable for series products with multi-variety, small batch indentation and folding. The indentation line is clear and beautiful. When using indentation such as coated paper, special paper and paper, there will be no burrs or folds after folding. Crack phenomenon. Different thickness indentation steel lines and different width indentation molds can be replaced.

  • Manual creasing simple operation

  • Perforating impress round solt

  • Middle format size 460mm can operate A4 A5 B5 size paper

  • Adjustable positioning button

  • All metal construction make it durable


  • Thickness <=250g

  • Round slot

  • Width is 460mm

The all-metal structure and integrated welding work platform ensure stable operation and durability; the card slot type magnetic positioning block and the quick-change indentation die ensure accurate indentation effect;

Model Name


Perforating Thickness




Perforating Width


Perforating distance


Thickness of sheets


Type of paper stop

Square slot


460 mm

The direction of installation of the creasing machine should be conducive to safe operation, with the operator facing the wall, and the minimum clear distance from the surrounding buildings and facilities is less than 0, 8m.

The layout of the workshop equipment using the creasing machine should be reasonable, the road surface is flat, and the passage is smooth. The creasing machine should be in good condition, complete technical data, complete special tools, intact

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