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Spiral Book Binding Hints For Home And Office

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Spiral Book Binding Hints For Home And Office

Update Time:2018-02-26

Spiral Book Binding Hints For Home And Office

A spiral book binding machine uses a plastic coil that slips through the punched holes in a document to bind the papers into a book format.

Whether you’re creating a special scrapbook for family memories or a financial report for your company, book bindinspiral g is a great way to create documents that are attractive, professional, or both at once. In addition, the finished document can lie flat without any page tears at the spine.

Unbinding A Spiral Bound Book

One of the benefits of spiral book binding is that it’s as easy to unbind as it is to bind. So if you decide that you need to add, remove or change pages, you can do so without having to recreate the document and without the risk of possible damage when you take it apart.

How you unbind and rebind a spiral bound book will depend on whether you have a replacement coil or will be reusing the coil that’s currently in the book.

If you have a replacement wire coil, you don’t have to be as gentle when removing the current spiral coil that’s on the book. Use your wire cutters to crimp off the ends of the coil that’s currently binding your document and spin the coil out of the pages. You can do this by hand or by machine, but the machine process is a little easier. Make your changes and insert the new coil manually or with a machine.

To remove and replace the current coil binding, you must be careful not to damage the coil so you can re-use it. With needle nose pliers or a similar tool, gently bend the crimp out of each end of the coil so they line up with the binding and then spin the coil out of the book manually or with a machine as above.

Once you’ve made your changes, carefully reinsert the coil. It is recommended that you do this by hand rather than by machine to avoid breaking the spiral coil. Reusing the existing spiral book binding coil is a good option if you need to save money on binding supplies.

Other Tips for Updating A Spiral Bound Book

If you’re manually removing thespiral book binding, here are a few tips that can make it a little easier.

         Be sure your book is on a flat surface and put a heavy book or other weighty object on top of it without covering the spiral book binding. The keeps the pages from shifting as you remove the spine.

         Check the bottom of the spiral binding to see which way it was threaded through the holes of your document.

         Hold the spiral coil at the bottom and then twist it in the opposite direction from the way it was initially threaded until it is completely removed from the spine.

Spiral Book Binding Without A Machine

Because it can be done without a machine, spiral binding is one of the least expensive ways to make professional-looking documents at home or in the office. Installing the binding by hand eliminates the cost of a machine and the electricity required to run it, making it something of a green alternative.

If, however, you plan to create a very large number of bound documents, consider getting an automatic coil inserter to save both time and potential joint pain from hand-winding all that coil. If you buy pre-punched paper, then the inserter is the only machine you’ll need.

Spiral book binding is the right choice for all your binding needs.

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